Replacements for ThunderBird and FireFox

john levin john at
Wed Dec 6 14:17:01 UTC 2006

Oblio wrote:
>> wow, that was fast ... i clicked send and already 2 replies.
>> i think opera is a bad idea, i can't stand the browser and i don't think  
>> we can package it on the distro cd because it isn't open source ... not  
>> sure
>> about the licensing on that.
>> -Adam
> I know, but after all, it comes down to preference. Xubuntu will ship  
> Firefox
> because it can be supported, and it's Open Source, and someone with older
> machines can install Opera because it's faster.
> Basically, this problem can't be solved:
> - all Gecko based browser are slow (seems it's going to be solved);  
> actually not
> slow, but huge memory munchers
> - Konqueror is KDE based
> - all other lightweight browsers are unsuitable for general use
> - Opera is closed source
> So Firefox it shall be :)

Has anyone tried Skipstone?
It aims to be a light and fast gecko browser, in GTK with few dependencies.


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