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I know supertux. It is a game very boring.
I wait that the Feisty possesss more modern games. Linux is delayed in the

Sorry for my bad english.
I'm a brazilian student.

2006/12/5, Adam Miller <maxamillion at>:
> Cody brought up a good point, we should start a new thread for the game
> discussion as to not get off topic of the feisty thread. So here it is.....
> xJump, pySol, supertux, and frozen bubble have my vote (all in the repos)
> 3d - nexuiz, tux racer (whatever alias it goes by these days)
> -Adam
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Eis meu diário de leitura:

o livro do momento é "Humano, Demasiado Humano",
do Nietzsche. Se você se interessa dê uma olhada
nos aforismas que selecionei e apresente suas
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