Deferred Edgy Ideas for Feisty

Adam Miller maxamillion at
Mon Dec 4 09:36:56 UTC 2006

Ah, I didn't take the time to check into the bug reports on rdesktop but
yes, i agree there should be a current development upstream on packages.

Also, something else that was brought up in the irc channel by a user today
that i felt was a good idea is the inclusion of (atleast the option) the
more customizable installation that is available on the alternate install cd
within the desktop/live cd. Now I assume that would be specific to the
application used to do the installation from the livecd, but it would be a
nice feature if possible.


On 12/4/06, Harold Aling <h.aling at> wrote:
> Adam Miller wrote:
> > Sorry for double mailing, but a user just brought up a good point in
> > the irc channel. rdesktop isn't installed by default in xubuntu edgy,
> > but is on ubuntu edgy (also included on ubuntu livecd and not xubuntu
> > livecd) i think that would be a good addition as well since alot of
> > users seem to use it for one reason or another ... we are surrounded
> > by a windows world, its a sad fact we must face .....
> >
> > -Adam
> Adam, is rdesktop still under active development? It seems that there
> are hundreds of bugs and proposed patches at their SF page.
> (
> Since MS's terminal server client (mstsc) crashes on keypress in Wine,
> rdesktop is still the only option for a lot of us, but there are so many
> visual bugs that it's almost unusable... (simple example: radio buttons
> aren't drawn correctly, so you can't see which one is selected, max 256
> colors, etc)
> Getting back on topic: if a tool or programs is going to be included, it
> should have an active upstream and not too many open bugs...
> Cheers!
> Harold.
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