Deferred Edgy Ideas for Feisty

Harold Aling h.aling at
Mon Dec 4 08:12:42 UTC 2006

Adam Miller wrote:
> Sorry for double mailing, but a user just brought up a good point in 
> the irc channel. rdesktop isn't installed by default in xubuntu edgy, 
> but is on ubuntu edgy (also included on ubuntu livecd and not xubuntu 
> livecd) i think that would be a good addition as well since alot of 
> users seem to use it for one reason or another ... we are surrounded 
> by a windows world, its a sad fact we must face .....
> -Adam
Adam, is rdesktop still under active development? It seems that there 
are hundreds of bugs and proposed patches at their SF page. 

Since MS's terminal server client (mstsc) crashes on keypress in Wine, 
rdesktop is still the only option for a lot of us, but there are so many 
visual bugs that it's almost unusable... (simple example: radio buttons 
aren't drawn correctly, so you can't see which one is selected, max 256 
colors, etc)

Getting back on topic: if a tool or programs is going to be included, it 
should have an active upstream and not too many open bugs...



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