Deferred Edgy Ideas for Feisty

grumpymole grumpymole at
Sat Dec 2 22:18:30 UTC 2006

> >
> >       Browse Windows network (Thunar)
> >
> >
> > We might not be able to get something integrated with Thunar for Feisty
> > but we could include a stand-alone samba network browser. I hear there
> > is a nice python based one.
> >
> Benedikt Meurer (thunar upstream) said in a ml thread that he'd like to
> get this done for next xubuntu release but as usual no promises.
> fusesmb means using the command line, what we want is something like
> nautilus' behaviour.
> If that does not happen in a few months we may need to promote something
> from universe like the xffm or the python tool mentioned.
If you follow the instructions at, fusesmb works right out of
thunar - just like Nautlius' behaviour.  And very fast.

The other alternative is<>,
a Python app.  This also allows browsing and mounting of CIFS shares.

If have written a couple of blog posts about this at  It is a popular topic among Xubuntu users.

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