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Hi Xubuntu Team!

I have been working on a new document for the Ubuntu Documentation on
how to get involved with Ubuntu [1], and as part of that, I have been
going through all the team wiki pages to gather basic information on
how to get involved with each team. Unfortunately, not all of this
information is organized or available in any easy way.

To solve this, I have made a TeamPageTemplate [2] in the Ubuntu Wiki
to offer a common structure for team wiki pages to make it easy for
new contributors to get an overview of the information that they will
need to get involved. I hope you are willing to adopt this structure
for your Xubuntu page. I have already adapted the DocumentationTeam wiki
 page to this template [3] so that you can get an idea of what such a
team wiki page can look like.

Xubuntu does have something of a special status compared to the other
teams, and I am unsure of how I best can reflect that in the
ContributeToUbuntu document. Therefore I would also like you to have a
look at the ContributeToUbuntu section on the Xubuntu Team section [4]
so that you can make sure that it properly reflects how you want people
to get involved. Please let me know how I should present Xubuntu's
special status within the Ubuntu project. Any help is appreciated.

[2] (note that
there are comments for each section)



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