Xubuntu on PPC

john levin john at technolalia.org
Mon Aug 28 09:25:27 UTC 2006

Hi Harold,

Harold Johnson wrote:
> Hi John,

Disclaimer: I've never done an install on an old-world mac.

> Yes, I'm currently running Xubuntu 6.06.1.

Did you install with the 6.06.1 iso? If it didn't work, then that's a bug.

 > in installing and using Xubuntu.  Unfortunately, the inability to
 > install Xubuntu (from the CD, using BootX) to many Macs has
 > presented a
 > barrier for many potential users of the distro.

Can you give more precise details? Like, error messages, etc. And what 
version of bootx are you using, where did you download it from?

That said, Ubuntu has never promised to cover old-world macs; not only 
are they old and few in number, they pose considerable challenges. Even 
NetBSD have trouble installing on them.



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