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Wed Apr 26 18:31:08 UTC 2006

Jani Monoses <jani.monoses at> wrote: I would NOT recommend u sing the background for both . I've never even heard this kind of solution ever. This would go against the purpose what we are aiming at here. Would destroy visual consistency. Because the idea is to create a 


It was just a proposal. But I don't see how it would destroy visual consistency. Is it not unified if you do not have two different whole desktop redraws in an interval of 10 seconds?

unified and attractive look and feel for xubuntu. If the gdm size is still a problem, I would rather recommend reducing its dimensions to 1024x678. This would significantly  reduce its size as well.
    I gonna do a smaller version of it and upload it to the usual place. If it's ok. 

Sure the size I'd still prefer to be smaller. What I was thinking, and where I got the idea of using the same background is this: we have a good looking wallpaper in 240Kb. Why does another background need to be 900Kb to be good looking? 
Let's forget about gdm and xfdesktop. To the user it is an image on the screen, it should not matter if one is used at login the other in the rest.
So I was thinking what if we just had a login dialog over the wallpaper and after you typed it in the dialog disappears and you're on the desktop already? 
The gdm/splash/wallpaper separation is artificial because the thing boots slowly not because the a user expects a computer to show various artwork while it starts in the name of visual consistency or whatever else :)

                                                                                It can be done. I was just saying that I've never heard any distro that uses this approach.
    Because a piece of graphic, beyond being a decorative element, also a visual clue helping users to navigate. In this case, perhaps to indicate for new users that login in is not just another dialog, like the one for instance you use when starting synaptic, but it has a different purpose; here you can log in as different user or change a desktop environment.  If you read Bruce Tognazzini excellent article, The first principle on interaction design,
    clearly states, among others, that different functions should be unambiguously marked by visual clues in order to help users to navigate as intuitively as possible. 
    An excellent article  for both graphic artists and developers.
    J. Mak

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