Usplash distortion

daniele favara danjele at
Wed Apr 26 12:45:02 UTC 2006

On 4/26/06, Jan Claeys <lists at> wrote:
> Op di, 25-04-2006 te 11:06 -0400, schreef j Mak:
> > I've just updated to the new usplash. It is elongated vertically, I
> > mean the logo has a egg shape rather than circle and the letters are
> > too become kind of longish.
> > Why is this? And how can I fix it?
> Usplash sets the screen to a 4:3-based resolution, and if you have a
> widescreen LCD panel, those often stretch that to their native
> 10:6-based resolution.   Not all of them do that though; some will use
> black borders around or have an option to choose between both types of
> behaviour.

it shouldn't show black borders around if the usplash  background
image has same color as index 0 of the color map.

then as i told on a previous mail, and as jani is saying here an image
that is 640x480 looks ok on a screen that has a res of 800x600
1024x764 and so on ... not the same for an image that is 640x400 , you
can see it as you'd expect on a 1024x640 screen (or whatver is the
size that really exists with this ratio :/ )


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