xubuntu, ubuntu and others.... (rather long message :D)

Michael Moore stuporglue at gmail.com
Fri Apr 21 19:26:45 UTC 2006

> 1. Installation--there are often challenges to installation, such as
> computers without functioning USB/CDROMs/harddrives/floppy drives (or a
> computer with ONLY a hard drive and a floppy and 40-odd 1.44Mb ZipSlack
> floppy disks).

I wish Ubuntu made it easy to do a PXE boot and install server. Put
the install CD in one computer and select "do PXE install on other
computer" and it'd just start a server. Hook that computer to a hub or
with a crossover cable, and away you go. Maybe I'll put in a feature
request for Dapper+1.

> 2. Hardware Recognition- even if you can get the distro loaded (or use a
> live cd/usb in the case of a computer without a hard drive), there are all
> the issues involved with recognizing hardware.  Particularly problematic are
> all the winmodems floating around out there.

/* shudder */
Yeah. When I give computers to people, I just tell them that they only
work on fast internet. I don't even try to see if the winmodems are

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