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Fri Apr 21 14:28:25 UTC 2006


On 4/21/06, Dale <fastfoo at fastmail.fm> wrote:
> Hi everyone
> A quick question. I haven't been following the Xubuntu progress of late,
> but would like to install it on a Dell Latitude D610. Can I initiate a
> "server" install from the xubuntu install CD, or is there only a default
> "desktop" option? I'd like to customize the install - my primary reason
> for installing xubuntu being XFCE.

sure, there's a server option as in the other ubuntu CDs.

> I can get a copy from someone of flight-6. Any major differences other
> than OpenOffice.org?

most of the packages are newer which may be relevant to you especially for
the base system
depending on how well that laptop is supported. Xfce differences are not
that many and the delta
is small enough for an upgrade via the net.

> Ideally, is there a more bandwidth frugal method of installing it? for
> example, a simpler network based install of sorts?

I don't know of official netinstall images for ubuntu. Instead of the
install cd you could try the beta liveCD
which is < 400M and has a GUI installer, although being a livecd it will
take longer to boot and be slower.

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