An xfce-app-install [was: An xfce-app-finder]

Michael Moore stuporglue at
Fri Apr 21 03:51:36 UTC 2006


Sorry it took so long, but I have some numbers. I just ran an install
from the latest daily build accepting all default values, and here's
the disk usage:

Immediately after first login, and before launching anything but a console:
df  says (1215436), df -h says (1.2G)

After sudo apt-get clean:
df says (1168864 ), df -h says (1.2G).

The guided partitioner makes swap == 2x RAM. For a 2GB disk system w/
128Mb RAM, that means:

~1.2G == base install
~.25 == Swap
~.55 G == ~/

As long as the user doesn't have >400Mb of RAM, they should be OK. ;-)

500 Mb isn't a ton of space for a home directory, but I think it's
probably sufficient. On a machine w/ a 2Gb disk, you're probably not
planning on ripping tons of movies or anything.

Worst case scenario, the user can uninstall whatever he/she doesn't want.

Michael Moore
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