first LiveCD image

Markus Laire malaire at
Wed Apr 19 14:59:39 UTC 2006

Here's my test-report of trying daily-live/20060419

My computer is Athlon 1GHz, 256MB.

After booting, I select "Check CD for defects"
- Progress-bar doesn't work. After erratic start, it goes from 0% to
about 4% and them back to 0% and to 4% etc...
(I got allmost same problem with Kubuntu Flight-5 LiveCD)
- After checking ends, I get "OK" and "Press any key to reboot your
system", but system won't reboot after pressing few keys. Ctrl-Alt-Del
does reboot.

Then real boot:
Language: English
Keymap: Finnish
Screen: 1024x768x24
- Booting works OK. (progress-bar could use brighter colors.)
- Screen flickers, which means that refresh-rate is too low. (This is
common problem for me with LiveCDs.)
- Once I get to Login-screen, I'm unable to guess right
username/password combination. I use Ctrl-Alt-F1, "cat /etc/passwd",
Ctrl-Alt-F7 to see that I need to login as "ubuntu" with no password.
- XFCE starts without problems.
- I go to Settings->Display Settings and change resolution to
1024x768 at 85 which fixes the screen flicker. (This was easier that I
expected :))

Then for testing:
- Mouse: OK (wheel works)
- Keyboard: OK (Finnish keymap works)
- Sound: OK (double-clicking WAV in thunar plays it in Xfmedia)
- Internet: OK (Firefox works, and internet connection is working.)
- Terminal: OK
-- LVM2 is included so I'm able to mount my filesystem (ReiserFS/LVM2)
- GParted: OK (starts & shows right information)
- File Manager (trunar): OK
-- Not sure if I like that icon on symlinks...
-- DoubleClicking on files:
--- WAV: Opens in Xfmedia and starts to play.
--- SPX: No default application
--- TXT: Opens in Mousepad
--- HTM: Opens in Firefox

- I press the "Quit"-icon on toolbar and then select "Restart"
- XFCE is shut down.
- I get back to console. (But there are no messages about reboot-process.)
- CD is ejected
- and then: nothing. No messages, no reboot, nothing. Pressing
Ctrl-Alt-Del or other keys does nothing. This seems to be a bug. (I
didn't wait for long. But it seems strange that I didn't get any
messages about the reboot-process.)

I'm impressed. System seems to work fast enough. (Kubuntu Flight-5 was
not a pleasant experience. It seemed too slow for me.)
Refresh-rate wasn't set-up correctly, but it was easy to fix.
"Check CD" had problems. (But this probably isn't Xubuntu issue.)
Reboot is not working. This should be fixed.

Found a small bug:
- Applications->Help opens "Xfce 4.2 Documentation" in Firefox.
"Panel" and "Filemanager" links on that page points to missing files.

Markus Laire

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