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Matthew Kuiken <matt.kuiken at> wrote: j Mak wrote:
>                                         If you compare small artworks the colors doesn't seem too be too distinct, but in terms of their overall effect, they make a big difference. Gray and the Tango aluminium color scheme, for instance, produce two totally different impact. Create two adjacent large squares, large enough to cover the entire screen. Paint the left with one color and the right with the one you feel to be similar to the first. This way you can see better the differences between the subtle colors.
>     Finding the right steel color, for instance,  is very hard if you don't have visual aids. The ones, I used in the artworks, I generated with a professional color scheme generator. It might seem trivial but small varieties can make a big difference.
>     J. Mak

Sorry to pollute your thread with questions that don't necessarily 
pertain to the poll, but I would like to understand some of the artistic 

J. Mak,
I like both of your themes for different reasons.  In #4, I like the 
colors, and the feel of the "folds" as they appear on the wallpaper.  In 
#3, I like the way the logo keeps its colors in the wallpaper and 
greeter screens.  Is there some reason, like bad contrast, that the 
logos in #4 become a single shade in the wallpaper and GDM screen?

As for the usplash screens in both of your designs, you seem to have 
gone for a simple gradient, rather than having the logo retain its three 
part color scheme.  Is this to keep the gradient gradual with the 
requirement for only 16 colors?  If so, my personal preference would be 
for the logo to be colored with its three colors, and the name being a 
simple color or gradient.  A gradient either made up with the colors 
that are left,  or use the colors from the logo in the gradient.  For a 
single color. perhaps using another color could reduce jagged edges 
through aliasing.  This is my personal preference, so I don't 
necessarily expect any concurrence, or action to take place as a 
result.  I will offer up my time to make modifications if time is an 
issue, but only with your concurrence that the modifications would be 

I am not a graphic artist, but I'd like to learn some of these issues, 
as an engineer who is occasionally asked to write GUI applications for work.



The original idea of the usplash was to match it to ubuntu and kubuntu as much as possible. I made it gradient first because both ubuntu and kubuntu used the same technique. But now, I changed it back to the 3 colors setup because the new dapper usplash doesn't seem to use gradient any more. And this is much better because gradients created from indexed colors never look good due to color banding. If you look at the ubuntu usplash, the line in the middle of the logo shows how ugly color banding could be.
The other thing is jaggedness. You cannot antialis indexed colors, but you have to find work around of this. Now, if you look at the new version you don't see anymore jaggedness. I am also experimenting with creating a 3d feel of the logo. I figured a technique by darkening the edges which give the illusion of the middle to come forward. 
I think the usplash should be made as attractive as possible because it stays on screen, in the view of users, until the system boots up. It is more important than the gdm splash which is visible only for a few seconds.

J. Mak 

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