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Jani Monoses jani.monoses at
Tue Apr 18 05:16:41 UTC 2006

Hi Jozsef

If you compare small artworks the colors doesn't seem too be too distinct,
> but in terms of their overall effect, they make a big difference. Gray and
> the Tango aluminium color scheme, for instance, produce two totally
> different impact. Create two adjacent large squares, large enough to cover
> the entire screen. Paint the left with one color and the right with the one
> you feel to be similar to the first. This way you can see better the
> differences between the subtle colors.
> Finding the right steel color, for instance, is very hard if you don't
> have visual aids. The ones, I used in the artworks, I generated with a
> professional color scheme generator. It might seem trivial but
> small varieties can make a big difference.
>  J. Mak
as I said they seem very similar to me, but that's because only the logos
can be compared one to one, the wallpapers being distinct otherwise. It is
by no means a dismissal of your efforts. The 'create two large adjacent
squares' step was something I thought we could replace with these proposals,
so one can check out the _same_ artwork with different colours in two
browser tabs. Right now I can only imagine how Luzi's wallpaper would look
with either of your colours and vice versa.
So what I wanted to make sure is we decide based solely on the color
combination's impact not on whatever else is different between the

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