color theme poll again

Benjamin Geese cowfama at
Mon Apr 17 17:59:08 UTC 2006

I really like the artworks from 2 ( especially logo/greeter ), but the
color scheme from 4 seems to be the best to me.

Jani Monoses schrieb:
> Hi,
> seems like we got all the propositions for the new color.
> Since the original blue one has no artwork attached besides the logo  I
> assume only the
> other 3 are to enter the competition. They are very alike so it does not
> seem like an easy choice.
> The usplash should have a shadow reflection like the other ubuntus have
> and the logo smaller (like in Jozsef's image)
> The login screens/wallpapers are different so we are not only picking
> between color but other elemets too.
> So do we actually pick between the existring color schemes and finalize
> the artwork after choosing one of the 4(3?)
> entries? Since the differences between the candidates are not just color
> shades only it is likely one could say I like logo
> from 2 wallpaper from 3 and gdm splash from 4.
> Jani

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