color theme poll, and decided artwork elements

Jani Monoses jani.monoses at
Wed Apr 12 06:32:41 UTC 2006

> Hi Jani,
> Regarding the artworks, I would like to draw your attention to the Gimp
> splash, since it seems to be part of the default applications. The current
> one is just a snapshot made by developers and used for the development
> version of the app The official splash uses a template with the gimp logo
> and the version number. This is what ubuntu and edubuntu use too. I got the
> template and I created a customized gimp splash for xubuntu that I am
> already using on my own install. In my view xubuntu should uses this
> template just for the sake of consistency.
> By the way, whoever wants to create an official gimp splash just send me
> an email and I send the template.
> Other questions. What kind of blues do you intend to use? The ones on the
> xubuntulooks page are the chosen ones? Or that still can change.
> J. Mak

Hi Jozsef,

I wasn't aware gimp's splash is modified by Ubuntu. You mean the default
gimp install is in some way overriden by Ubuntu? I have ubuntu-desktop
installed too and did not notice this

Regarding blue: I was thinking of the original logo's colors but they can
change as well since we are voting on the color theme.
Seeing nobody yet proposed the existing logo in non-blue variants we may
just settle on this with possible small alterations. Feel free to propose
another color scheme for the logo.

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