color theme poll, and decided artwork elements

Jani Monoses jani.monoses at
Tue Apr 11 09:51:56 UTC 2006

last week we agreed to conduct a poll on the default colors to use in
Currently we have blue (usplash, logo), steel (gdm greeter) and green
(desktop background)
in the default install (and the tempoary brown while gdm loads but that will
be solved when we decide
on the final theme).

So unless there are other ideas I propose these 3 colors to participate in
the poll. However to not only vote
for an idea only we will need to have the logo, usplash, gmd greeter and a
wallpaper implemented
using these colors. Preferably being exaclty identical except the color
shades themselves.

So what is final now for the dapper xubuntu artwork is:
-logo: mouse in ubuntu circle, as it is now, not a variation of it or any
other logo
-usplash: as it is now but the text needs bringing in line with other
usplashes, it's too shiny now.

what is not final
-gdm greeter: this has not much discussion, but I am fine with the current
one ( logo over login dialog)
-default wallpaper: now it's the xfce mouse. If we want a mouse we should
put the logo.

Anybody caring for this  can make _new_ wiki pages under XubuntuArtwork,
one  for each proposed color

when we have a reasonable set of candidates we can start the poll itself.

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