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Wed Apr 5 16:37:52 UTC 2006

On 4/5/06, daniele favara <danjele at> wrote:
> i would just say i'm really sorry ... but i've had problems with my
> scooter and i couldn't get back in time.
> i'll read the log.

I am sorry as well, I had to be away and it took longer than expected :(
I have read the logs and it seemed to me as productive a meeting as any so
far, so great :) !

Regarding goodies: they are all planned to be on the CD but most are not yet
reveiewed for security and promoted to main yet.
Some are not ported to the new panel. Things will imporve in this area, and
we'll fix the goodies meta-package as well.

Regarding gnome-app-install I'll talk to Michael Vogt about it. I don't know
much about the app, seems like a nicer UI than synaptic
but does not seem to be related (yet) to third party packages install (skype
etc). I may be wrong though.

Regarding the logo I agree with setting up a poll if poepple wish so that we
make sure that the decision is backed by the majority and not imposed,
with the unfortunate effect that not everybody will be equally satisfied,
but this is art so it's to be expected :)

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