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daniele favara <danjele at> wrote: On 4/4/06, Jan Claeys 
> Op di, 04-04-2006 te 10:51 -0600, schreef Michael Moore:
> > So, maybe the mouse should look older, and run really fast?

ok ... well ... umm ..

2006-04-04 TODO:

gtkrc (gtk2 theme)
icons theme
gdm theme
gfxboot theme
espresso theme



untill  Lapo a really nice guy from ubuntu-art sent me a new logo [*]
... it has "personality" .. and it's distinctive but simple ... it
says xubuntu is thin and fast .. that's what i see there but ...we're
in late to discuss this i guess.

i agree with Gauvain ... and we can have still the mouse for xfce
splash and so on .. anyway if just one person doesn't agree with using
that shape [*] (not yet decided the colors) as xubuntu logo i'd say
"lets step forward" .. (even if i'm the first person  that loves
Lapo's logo) or we get into an endless discussion and we should have
something ready SOON.

Now we should mainly show stuff more then to discuss ...

 - open the logo ... play with colors
 - open a gtkrc file .. play with colors
 - add a wallpaper
 - add an icons theme

or if your're subscribed to ubuntu-art mail list think even to open a
theread over there and let us know what 's happening.

this could be a sample:

                                        Excuse me for my bluntness but that logo with Gray and blue combination looks hoooorrible. I hope you were not serious even to consider using it.
        J. Mak


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