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Michael Moore stuporglue at
Tue Apr 4 16:21:18 UTC 2006

> I'm not really fine with the mouse in the logo. Xubuntu is related to
> Xfce, but it's not only that. To me, using the mouse means "we've
> packaged Xfce for ubuntu." What about all the other packages that come
> with xubuntu-desktop?
> As Daniele said to me yesterday, Ubuntu has no gnome foot in its logo,
> and Kubuntu no dragon.

I'm afraid I won't be able to make it to the meeting tomorrow, but I'd
like to point out that Kubuntu does have the KDE gears in its logo,
and the dragons are prominent on the Kubuntu web page.

In my opinion, having the XFCE mouse with the Ubuntu logo tells the
user that "This is Ubuntu, but with XFCE instead". I think the Kubuntu
logo does the same thing. The Edubuntu logo on the other hand says
"I'm Ubuntu with a horn on top of my head"....or something. :-)

My $0.02
Michael Moore
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