Xubuntu/old mac

Colin McDermott colmcd at optusnet.com.au
Sun Oct 30 21:49:32 UTC 2005

Hi Harold

I refurbish old computers so ill see if this helps...

What happens when you type startx from the command prompt (this should 
attempt to load the default x window system).

If the screens flickers about 4 times or something similiar then it 
could be your xorg.conf not being set properly (This is my experince off 
i386 hardware though, may be a different package under mac). To change 
these settings...

1st step use lspci -X  to look for the address of your video card 
(probally not necessary).

Then type sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg This command configures the 
mouse keyboard and video for X. (do not turn frame buffering on unless 
you really want to, always write all configuration files!, if it prompts 
with a choice of graphics card, take it).

Yours appears to be a common problem. Check this forum out.. 

Good luck.

Colin McDermott
Reboot Computer Reuse centre
Ubuntu Lite

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