[TIP] Easy Xubuntu Installing

john levin john at technolalia.org
Wed Oct 19 00:13:45 UTC 2005

Júlio Santos Monteiro wrote:
> Hello there,
> Here is an very easy and obivious way to install Xubuntu while there's
> no installation CD:
> 1- Put the latest Ubuntu 5.10 (breezy) install-CD in the drive and
> turn the engines on :-);
> 2- In the Ubuntu boot screen, type: "   server   "
> 3- Follow the steps on screen;
> 4- When the system is installed and you are in the (console) login
> screen, enter in your user (created in the installation) and enter as
> root with the command: "   sudo su    ";
> 5- Edit the sources.list (with the command "   nano
> /etc/apt/sources.list   ") and put uncomment the "   universe   "
> repository line (search for universe and uncomment that line).
> 6- Save the file and "   apt-get update   ";
> 7- Then the happy ending: type "   apt-get install xubuntu-desktop   "
> 8- Enjoy your brand-new Xubuntu!
> If there are any sugestions, comments or corrections, feel free to
> answer this e-mail.

Is this anywhere on the ubuntu wiki? There seems to be a few questions 
on various forums about installing Xubuntu, and it would be good getting 
this information out on the website.

If no one has any objections (like: I've missed the wiki page it's on) 
I'll go ahead and starting a xubuntu doc section.


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