David Cahill cahilld at fastmail.fm
Tue Oct 11 09:40:47 UTC 2005

> Is there a consensus here that rox-filer will be preferred over xffm?

I vote rox

> BTW everybody please upgrade and see if the usplash works (and if you 
> like it) and if sound works (You need to start with startxfce4 not startx)

Sound with esd works for me.

> After dist-upgrade sudo dpkg-reconfigure linux-image-`uname -r` to 
> build a new initramfs with the changed usplash included in it.

The usplash works too. It looks a little chunky though - my boot happens 
at 800x600.
(OT, but I seem to be forced into 800x600 instead of native res of 
1024x768. If I add vga=773 to my menu.lst it just ends up getting 
overwritten when a new kernel comes along. I don't know if this is a 
common problem).

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