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j Mak joz_mak at
Mon Oct 10 15:13:50 UTC 2005

Hi Jani,

I've uploaded the usplash and one wallpaper to the
xubuntu art website I have a few
more wallpapers in the making that I will upload  in
the upcoming days.  The wallpapers are 1024x768 in
size. This is pretty standard for older computers and
laptops. But if you want different sizes please let me
know .
Oh, and what about the login screen? 

J. Mak
> Hello
> please put proposed wallpapers, logo and usplash
> images under this link
> We'll need to decide which of the images proposed so
> far we use as default
> wallpaper.
> But will have to make them larger than the 640x480
> usplash image, like those
> in
> /usr/share/xfce4/backdrops/
> thanks
> Jani
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