Rock Paper Scisors Possible future X Dev if possible

Oblio apa_chioara at
Mon Oct 10 13:41:47 UTC 2005

> > Anyways is this even possible and could it be made
> to drasticly lower the
> > ram and cpu requirements to an extent that would
> make it feasable.
> Much more inportantly even if a hole new WM mod is
> not created it may be
> possible to get a window manager set up, sort of
> simplistic that has very
> low low ram and processor load sort of try to make X
> run lighter.

There is already an extremely powerful WM, called
FVWM. If you learn to configure it properly, it might
do what you ask :) As for lower resource consumption,
most of today's WM are quite light, the weight comes
from all the "dock apps", "plugins", "applets",
daemons running in background (automounter, ...) and
so forth. And X itself is quite a beast - but there is
hope from

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