Rock Paper Scisors Possible future X Dev if possible

Tomasz Witko ubuntudev at
Mon Oct 10 00:06:47 UTC 2005

 I was going to post a thread on this on the Ubuntu Forum Community forum
but thought as there is a bunch of delelopers here to see if this is even
possible. If so possibly in this Xubuntu release or the next? Or possibly
long term a standalone. Anyways even if not possible for Xubuntu it might
give some developers something to work on in the future.

Rock Paper Scisors basicly is a WM mod possibly made with components from
other wm components. What it does is replace menu and windows and window
frams with what paper like graphics resembles post it notes. The window
frame would be a thin paper like bar with a slightly lighter or darker shade
outlining the outline. The scroll bar would be replaced by two triangles one
for the top and another for the bottom. For text windows the (2pixel)
outline would be a shade darker than the text/ writing area. The pannel
would conform to the paper graphics. The minimise, Maximise and close
buttons would be modified to fit the theme little scaaures of paper with
corisponding - ^x etc.

The hole Idea of Paper scisors is to create an desktop enviroment that
resembles a bunch of sheets of paper which allows for other possiblities
such as text documents with a lined paper text are or even graph paper.

This hopefully creates creates a simplistic enviorment that is very low on
resource requirements. Also for notebooks screen space is at a premium its
minimalistic approach may be desirable.

Anyways is this even possible and could it be made to drasticly lower the
ram and cpu requirements to an extent that would make it feasable.
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