"Very Low Priority" Xubuntu Dock Apps

Tomasz Witko twitko at rogers.com
Sun Oct 9 18:00:50 UTC 2005

 This is a very low priority but if a very low
resource dock app could be found it would be a greatly
appreciated addition to Xubuntu. 

 This is based on my experiences with dock apps in
Gnome and KDE. I found gdesklets in Gnome to be very
bloated and took up huge amounts or resources compared
to Kuramba in KDE which can be a skeleton counting on
the app. I made one that that was running at realy low
cpu load about 5% including system and about 5 megs
ram for a fully functional base sensor dock app.

Pic of dock app
Its pretty basic but I like its low load.

 Anyways If we can find a realy lite sensor dock app
package it may be possible to have it as a synaptic
package for Xubuntu. Anyone have any recommendations.


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