David Cahill cahilld at
Sat Oct 8 01:19:50 UTC 2005

I've installed xubuntu-desktop and removed ubuntu-desktop, and I'm 
pruning my system down with deborphan -a.

I just wanted to query a few packages that are a part of ubuntu-desktop 
but not currently in xubuntu.

bc - I thought this should be in base, actually
ubuntu-sounds - its still an ubuntu, afterall
ubuntu-artwork - ditto
acpi - don't know if this does anything...
doc-base - ? don't know if this is useful. Sounds important.
doc - debian - ? ditto
wvdial - one of the target audiences would be dialup users wouldn't it?
anacron - not everyone has an uptime of 26.4 million years. Most of us 
turn off their computers at night.

I've got no strong personal feeling about any of these (except perhaps 
anacron :) ), I just thought I'd bring them up.

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