default panel items

Markus Bergholz markuman at
Mon Oct 3 18:24:39 UTC 2005

>  After we agree on the default panel config, those xml files will have to be
> modified. Either by hand or by just tweaking the panel inside xfce and
> having the file generated for us. One of the problems is that there are
> translations involved so some hand editing may still be required.

ok, i´ll can take over the part.
if no one can/will i can take the default xml part for english too.

i´ve got a suggestion / an idea.
in ubuntu warty there was a camera button for a screenshot (i´m not
sure if it was in hoary too.). perhapts we can include it too.
either with scrot or another programm (this one have to be include in
the xubuntu packages ;-)


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