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Sat Oct 1 13:45:18 UTC 2005

On 10/1/05, Colin McDermott <colmcd at> wrote:
> Ok here is my input
> Beaver for text editing
> It isn't bad. I would also be tempted to include Bluefish for html
> creation

beaver no longer maintained, and not packaged for debian

Word Processing:
> Abiword rules, but it currently has Gnome dependancies (which I think
> are unnessary). Can someone kick some ubuntu arse and get them removed.
> I tried it and it's not just with Abiword-gnome. I also had it happen
> with firefox.

neither abiword nor ff have gnome dependencies in current breezy .
At least those are separate packages so we're fine.

Image viewing
> Gtksee.

gtk1.2 :( which while ugly is lighter
what is your opinion on gqview?

I don't know why there's no decent viewer to implement easy rotation of pics
with simple keybindings... :(

Image editing
> Tux paint or xpaint. Dia for making vector images.
> Direct Connect
> Of these LDCC looks good for a console based version. or dc qt dcguiqt.

this is

Email: Sylpheed. It is very full featured and leightweight.

What about it's stability.Currently we have the 2.1.x devel branch in

Leightweight Browser:
> This is the most contensious issue on Ubuntu Lite.

well until we find the most appropriate it's going to be firefox. Let's see
if ubuntu ans xfce users (to which lists I sent mails) tell us what they

> Question do we want desktop icons? I say a big yes!

those of you with experience setting up such thing for xfce please say how
it is best done, so we have good default settings.

To me the big issues are:
> A good dial up internet client. gkdial is the front runner but needs
> testing (ive seen it crash X).

We should avoid unstable programs which could give xubuntu a bad name.

Road testing: I was about to make a live CD for Ubuntu Lite. Well ill
> make oneup using xfce.
> Long term.
> Allow for Icewm, ede or Fluxbox to be installed as optional extras.

yes that would be nice

Port openoffice to fltk or gtk.

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