reminder: proposed packages criteria

Trevor Vallender trevorv at
Wed Nov 30 09:04:44 UTC 2005


First of all, I hope I'm doing this right, as I've not used a mailing list before. Apologies if it all goes horribly wrong :) And secondly, I'm not a developer (yet, at least) but there doesn't appear to be anywhere for Xubuntu users to go for help yet, so I though I'd ask here.

I've been using Ubuntu happily for a while, and have just moved over to Xubuntu, and couldn't be happier with it. Xfce is running at a great speed and looks just as good as GNOME ever did.

I'm now beginning to feel I want to put something back into the community, specifically I'd like to help with Xubuntu as much as I can. Now, I'm not a programmer, but I am learning at the moment. I wanted to ask your advice on what language would be most beneficial (i.e. what would allow me to understand the widest amount of Xubuntu source code). I would expect this to be C or C++ but your advice is greatly appreciated. If there are any particularly good resources for learning them, they are also appreciated.

In the meantime (I expect it will be a while before my coding skills are of use to anyone!), I wondered if you had any advice for other ways I can help out? I hope to become a more active member on (my account has lain dormant for a couple of months). I have fairly good knowledge of XHTML and CSS (sadly not PHP) so may be able to help with a website, or set up a separate one (focussed on what I'm not sure, again ideas are appreciated). I have some basic skills with the GIMP and Inkscape, which are improving all the time, so hopefully I can contribute some artwork fairly soon.

If anyone has any ideas of ways I can help out, I'd really like to hear them.


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