xubuntu dapper plans

Oblio apa_chioara at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 17 16:10:45 UTC 2005

> 1) Noteworthy new packages:
> xfce4.{3,4}
> thunar

Don't forget xffm4.3 - it looks very interesting now.
And it is surely more stable than Thunar (although I
would want Thunar also :) ).

> xfburn(instead of graveman)

Same discussion as above.

> a doc viewer (probably evince hacked)
> a display manager(gdm hacked)

Qingy would be a nice ideea too. Or XDM - it can have
shutdown/reboot buttons too:
http://fvwm.lair.be/viewtopic.php?t=124 - ignore the
colors and the bling-bling :P
> 2) Sound
> dropping esd as default and going with alsa as
> ubuntu, so we can help fixing
> the remaining alsa bugs.

Great. ALSA is more than enough. 

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