Intro & adesklets

michael.smith12 at michael.smith12 at
Tue Nov 8 15:57:21 UTC 2005


I'm a new Ubuntu & Linux user, and a future Xubuntu user and I have been very impressed with the support and input from the user community to this distro.

I'm trying to set up my wife's Thinkpad 600E with Xubuntu in order to provide a slick, easy to use platform for email, web-browsing and a little light word-processing.  Xubuntu seems to fit the bill very nicely and I'm in the process of trying to load it up and get it working.  

One package that has caught my eye is the adesklets ( application.  It seems to me that using this as a friendly (and chic!) launcher / desktop app will mean that my wife gets an easy interface without lots of right and left clicking.  Are there any plans to include this app in the Xubuntu package / distro?

Once again, thanks for everybody's efforts.  As a new user it's great to see support and encouragement like this.

Best regards,

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