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Olivier Duclos olivierduclos at
Sun Nov 6 20:50:41 UTC 2005

Hi all :)

Many people complained about the lack of graphical software to configure their
network. After a little investigation with (my best friend) google, here are my
conclusions :

* managing WAN shouldn't be a real problem : there are two programs that do the
job without gnome dependencies : Wifi Radar and xfce4-wavelan-plugin.

* configuring LAN is problematic : I haven't found any gtk based software to do
this. But there may be a little solution : linuxConf
( There is a gnome based version of
linuxConf. I took an eye on gnome-linuxconf source and noticed that there are
VERY few calls to the gnome libs. So I think it should not be hard to make it
`Gtk-only'. Unfortunatly, I surely won't have time this year to take care of

If someone has better ideas, it would be interesting to hear them.

And by the way, I've also found a nice program that show information about your
hadware. It can also make reports en txt format. It's called SysInfo
( and uses Gtkmm. There is an archive for debian but it
doesn't work on ubuntu. So I used 'dpkg -xe' and modified the depencies list.
The .deb archive attached to this message will work but I don't think it
respects the rules to make it available on universe. If somebody could take
care of it, it would be cool, and it would be another app compatible with

Olivier Duclos

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