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Hi Ken,

On Wed, Nov 02, 2005 at 01:37:36PM -0500, TFN Executive Director wrote:
> A bit of googling got me antother alias. Just in case you aren't looking 
> at the ubuntu.com address...

My Ubuntu account has issues with forwarding at the moment; my sh.nu
account is preferable.

> Hi Michael (I think I
> ve got that right?),


> I manage Toronto Free-Net, a nonprofit ISP since 1994 with a mandate to 
> remove barriers to Internet access.
> I am working on a project with the city of Toronto to get a few thousand 
> circa 1999 off lease P2 400 with 128RAM computers into service with dialup 
> connections to low income people here.
> I have potential OS support / remote admin sponsorship from Xandros.com 
> lined up. I am just afraid that their kde desktop will be too sluggish.
> I see from an online forum post that you manage a lighter desktop distro 
> for Ubuntu. Our requirements are that these machines have a Windows like 
> look and feel and that they perform reasonably well with a couple of 
> heavier applications like firefox, thunderbird and open office edtior. I'd 
> like to include things like skype over dialup and pda support too.

Xfce doesn't quite match the Windows look-and-feel as well as KDE does,
but it certainly has a much lighter resource footprint. Mozilla Firefox
works just dandy under Xfce as does Mozilla Thunderbird. OpenOffice.org
tends to be more resource-intensive, so we're investigating Abiword
instead, but OO.o certainly remains an option.

Perhaps others here on the devel mailing list can chime in.

> The main problem of getting Lucent modems to work has mostly been solved, 
> although cheaper modems would be nicer.
> We have also tried the win95 linux window manager on knoppix which is a bit 
> foreign to look at.
> Any advice? Xandros is a nice OS but would we be making a mistake?

Frankly, you won't go wrong choosing a Linux distro, be it Debian (or
a derivative), Fedora Core, SUSE, ... If you're looking for a light-
weight desktop choice like Xfce, then installing the Ubuntu 5.10
"server" option and then installing the 'xubuntu-desktop' package will
give you a nice Xfce desktop.

If you have additional objectives, we encourage you to sign up on this
mailing list and discuss them.

Daniel T. Chen            crimsun at ubuntu.com
GPG key:   www.sh.nu/~crimsun/pubkey.gpg.asc
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