iwhat can i do if i don't have a internet connection?

Marco Alicera marco.alicera at gmail.com
Fri Dec 9 18:51:55 UTC 2005

dear xubuntu developers,

i was very interested in the xubuntu desktop becaue its lightness, so i
downloaded a ubuntu CD, read the InstallingXubuntu requirements, printed the
sreenshtos and with all these tools started to install it at home, but in
the midle of the installation proccess i realized that an internet
connection was required :(.

first, i ask to correct the Requirements on your web page, a "human beig to
write the commands" sound funny only when the installation run easly.

second, i would like to know how to get universe repository on an other
computer, burn a cd and install them from a there.


Marco Alicera
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