Basic functionality looks good, but work is needed

grumpy mole grumpymole at
Sat Dec 3 20:48:43 UTC 2005


A current screenshot of my laptop is here:

You can see the colours are a bit messed up and the icons are not 
properly spaced.

Not sure if you have the same Brian?



Jani Monoses wrote:

> Hello
> On 12/3/05, *Brian Masinick* <masinick at 
> <mailto:masinick at>> wrote:
>     I installed xubuntu on top of an existing Kubuntu system and it
>     installed flawlessly.  At that level, all is well.  At the user
>     interface level, there seemed to be some corruption of the panel
>     displays - not sure what caused it - I have not seen this before,
>     even
>     though I've been running XFCE 4.* for quite some time on various
>     Debian
>     based disk partitions.  I can do a bit more research and give you
>     specifics.  What information would be most helpful?
> Whay kind of corruption is it exactly? Graphics artifacts? Panel 
> contents problem?
> Jani

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