Basic functionality looks good, but work is needed

Brian Masinick masinick at
Sat Dec 3 00:07:22 UTC 2005

I installed xubuntu on top of an existing Kubuntu system and it 
installed flawlessly.  At that level, all is well.  At the user 
interface level, there seemed to be some corruption of the panel 
displays - not sure what caused it - I have not seen this before, even 
though I've been running XFCE 4.* for quite some time on various Debian 
based disk partitions.  I can do a bit more research and give you 
specifics.  What information would be most helpful?

Base system is a Dell Dimension 4100 desktop system with a Dell P991 
monitor and NVIDIA Riva TNT 2 Model 64 graphics card, a pretty generic 
32 MB card that works well with virtually all Linux distros, including 

Brian Masinick
mailto:masinick at

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