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s michel dalani at lycos.com
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I hear you Jak..
Considering the possobility of this linux flavor being in wide use on a variety of desktops, and the need to keep a consistent design look inline with Ubuntu's now in circulation I think redesigning Xfce colors makes sense. The littel mouse thingy looks cute but clearly deviates form Ubuntu serious and mature look and feel concept. The most distinctive aspect of Xubuntu is the 'X'. Use that on the splash screen and logo with cool gray and that should give a distinctive look without being so figurative. Sorry if I'm long winded on this subject but logos is what people see first and a little mouse just doesn't look appropriate for the distros being considered. I say save the mouse for an optional splash screen.

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> I also like the blue and the current logo. IMHO
> using blue doesn't make it
> easy to confuse with kde.
> I like the original wallpaper better than the steel
> ones, and it is closer
> to what xfce comes by default too.

In visual matters, we might choose to keep xfce look
and feel and in this case xubuntu might end up being
one of the xfce distros, among the many out there. Or
tone down the xfce touch and design a new look that
makes xubuntu resemble more, stylistically, to the
other ubuntu flavors.
I vote for the second option, after all, it was stated
in the wiki that one of the purposes of xubuntu is to
be an equal member of the ubuntu family.

J. Mak


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