Please REVU (Was: Re: xubuntu docs?)

Jani Monoses jani.monoses at
Thu Dec 1 22:07:45 UTC 2005

> Generally, very good. When will it be uploaded to allow editing and
> patching?

I have uploaded a xubuntu-docs package containing only this about page to
Installs fine and replaces the ubuntu start page in firefox and on uninstall
puts it back.
Still needed to see how to cope with kubuntu-docs installed as well...

When it is deemed good enough by two other MOTUs from a packaging POV and
gets voted for it will be uploaded to universe
and xubuntu desktop depend on it instead of ubuntu-docs.

As for the content maybe the doc people should set up accounts and svn repos
just like ubuntu and kubuntu do it,
and write the docs there?
Then from time to time what gets added can be included in this package.

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