[ubuntu/xenial-updates] shim 15+1533136590.3beb971-0ubuntu1 (Accepted)

Łukasz Zemczak lukasz.zemczak at canonical.com
Mon Jan 21 15:56:29 UTC 2019

shim (15+1533136590.3beb971-0ubuntu1) cosmic; urgency=medium

  [ Steve Langasek ]
  * Fix Vcs link.

  [ dann frazier ]
  * Enable arm64 build.

  [ Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre ]
  * New upstream snapshot.
  * debian/patches/abort_abort_abort.patch: dropped patch, included upstream.
  * debian/rules:
    - define RELEASE and COMMIT_ID for the snapshot.
    - Set ENABLE_HTTPBOOT to enable the HTTP Boot feature.
  * debian/patches/fixup_git.patch: don't run git in clean; we're not really
    in a git tree.

Date: 2018-08-22 14:54:13.319466+00:00
Changed-By: Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre <mathieu.tl at gmail.com>
Signed-By: Łukasz Zemczak <lukasz.zemczak at canonical.com>
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