[ubuntu/xenial-security] oxide-qt 1.17.7-0ubuntu0.16.04.1 (Accepted)

Chris Coulson chrisccoulson at ubuntu.com
Wed Sep 14 13:04:16 UTC 2016

oxide-qt (1.17.7-0ubuntu0.16.04.1) xenial-security; urgency=medium

  * Update to v1.17.7 (see USN-3058-1)
    - Bump Chromium rev to 53.0.2785.101
    - Fix LP: #1615832 - Don't compile the mock QPA plugin with Qt5.6
    - Fix LP: #1618589 - Compile with -fno-delete-null-pointer-checks to work
      around issues related to changes in GCC6
    - Fix LP: #1618530 - Ensure we use the correct ozone platform
    - Fix LP: #1616595 - Fix Qt5.2 build
    - Fix LP: #1260103 - Oxide should use an app-specific path for shared
      memory files
    - Ensure we check out the GN binaries
    - Fix LP: #1615683 - Implement KeyboardEvent.code and KeyboardEvent.key,
      as parts of Blink now depend on this
    - Fix LP: #1605365 - Front camera is inverted on BQ E5
    - Fix LP: #1608657 - Ensure shrinksViewportContentToFit option is enabled
      on mobile
    - Fix LP: #1597420 - Add a mock QPA plugin and add integration tests for
      the Screen and ScreenOrientation APIs
    - Import updated translations from Launchpad
    - Add tests for Window.screen{X,Y}
    - Use attached properties for WebViewTestSupport and WebContextTestSupport
    - Refactor the huge main() function in the QML test runner
    - Fix LP: #1568145 - Correctly report the position for video capture devices
    - Clean up user scripts between tests
    - Add test for Window.{inner,outer}{Height,Width}
    - Don't hardcode a size for the root item in QML tests - have it set by
      the window size instead
    - Fix LP: #1599236 - ensure GN builds are built with Pango support
    - Fix LP: #1588219 - fix mediahub GN build
    - Fix LP: #1592020 - Make oxide_shared_unittests / oxide_qt_unittests work
      with the GN build
    - MouseEvents must be used to generate synthetic click events in tests
    - Fix LP: #1597262 - Only enable plugin support on x86 / x86-64
    - Fix LP: #1560271 - Refactor CookieStoreProxy and ensure that the cookie
      store is created on the IO thread
    - Fix Compositor DCHECK
    - Call BrowserPlatformIntegration::GetNativeDisplay later to avoid a DCHECK
    - Fix LP: #1510603 - Stop using GetFormFactorHint for memory optimizations
    - Fix LP: #1595320 - Ensure GN builds are linked without --fatal-warnings
    - Make the renderer executable use Chromium's new allocator shim, which
      means we get an infallible allocator on AArch64, even without TCMalloc
    - Various allocator related fixes (LP: #1595321 and LP: #1595324)
    - Fix LP: #1588218 - Make ENABLE_TCMALLOC work with GN builds
    - Fix LP: #1597040 - Disable TCMalloc on AArch64
    - Fix LP: #1585291 - Add copy image support to the context menu
    - Fix LP: #1593232 - Fix navigator.vibrate regression and add tests for this
    - Ensure that our device::VibrationManager implementation sanitizes
      arguments properly
    - Fix LP: #1595136 - Compile the core library with -g1 on hosts with less
      than 8GB of RAM
    - Fix LP: #1594941 - Fix static ENABLE_PLUGINS=0 GN build
    - Fix LP: #1594962 - Disable gn check step for now
    - Fix LP: #1326697 - Preliminary support for building with GN
    - Fix LP: #1588217 - Cross-compiling support with GN
    - Fix LP: #1588942 - Support for bootstrapping a GN binary
    - Fix LP: #1582638 - Initial build support for AArch64
    - Fix non-ENABLE_HYBRIS build
    - Fix LP: #1592296 - Support filenames in drag and drop
    - Fix LP: #1601887 - Add a quirk to assume that the native orientation of
      the primary screen on freiza and cooler devices is landscape
    - Fix LP: #1613258 - Avoid a hard runtime dependency on MADV_FREE when
      compiled against glibc 2.24, and ensure madvise(MADV_FREE) is allowed
      in the seccomp policy so that it works when the kernel is upgraded to 4.5
    - Fix LP: #1616132 - Explicitly whitelist accelerated canvas and GPU
      raster on various devices. This got disabled due to a recent change
      in libhybris

  * Build with USE_GN=1, BOOTSTRAP_GN=1
    - update debian/rules
  * Build with ENABLE_HYBRIS=0 on arm64
    - update debian/rules
  * Don't build-depend on libhybris on arm64
    - update debian/control
  * locales/ has been renamed to chromium_l10n
    - update debian/liboxideqtcore0.install
  * Refresh gross-hack-for-dual-ffmpeg-build.patch
  * Build depend on python-psutil
    - update debian/control

Date: 2016-09-09 07:37:15.157386+00:00
Changed-By: Chris Coulson <chrisccoulson at ubuntu.com>
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