[ubuntu/xenial-proposed] linux-aws 4.4.0-1001.10 (Accepted)

Adam Conrad adconrad at 0c3.net
Thu Dec 15 17:52:04 UTC 2016

linux-aws (4.4.0-1001.10) xenial; urgency=low

  * linux - Memory Bandwidth Monitoring regression (LP: #1648088)
    - x86/smp: Fix __max_logical_packages value setup

  * CONFIG_NR_CPUS=256 is too low (LP: #1579205)
    - [Config] Increase the NR_CPUS to 512 for amd64 to support systems with a
      large number of cores.

  * NVMe drives in Amazon AWS instance fail to initialize (LP: #1648449)
    - SAUCE: (no-up) NVMe: only setup MSIX once

  * NVMe driver accidentally reverted to use GSI instead of MSIX (LP: #1647887)
    - (fix) NVMe: restore code to always use MSI/MSI-x interrupts

  * Miscellaneous Ubuntu changes
    - Ubuntu-4.4.0-54.75
    - [debian] derive indep_hdrs_pkg_name from src_pkg_name
    - linux-aws packaging
    - SAUCE: tsc: make tsc= default to reliable for AWS
    - SAUCE: tsc: make no_timer_check default to 1 for AWS
    - SAUCE: md/raid6 algorithms: scale test duration for speedier boots
    - SAUCE: Increase the ext4 default commit age
    - SAUCE: reduce ksm-wakeups
    - SAUCE: smpboot: reuse timer calibration
    - [config] disable CONFIG_POWERCAP as AWS does not make use of this
    - SAUCE: silence RAPL
    - [config] disable CONFIG_FUJITSU_ES driver, it is not used by AWS
    - [config] Disable CONFIG_INPUT_LEDS for AWS
    - [config] Disable ATA drivers that AWS does not use
    - [config] AWS: Disable x86 platform drivers where appropriate
    - [config] disable sound for AWS
    - [config] AWS: disable unnecessary ACPI features
    - [config] AWS: Disable joystick drivers
    - [config] AWS: Disable touchscreen drivers
    - [config] AWS: disable CONFIG_MEDIA_RADIO_SUPPORT
    - [config] AWS: Disable Blue Tooth support
    - [config] AWS: disable CONFIG_MEDIA_CAMERA_SUPPORT
    - [config] AWS: disable MEDIA_ANALOG_TV_SUPPORT
    - [config] AWS: disable MEDIA_DIGITAL_TV_SUPPORT
    - [config] AWS: disable MEDIA_RC_SUPPORT
    - [config] AWS: disable MEDIA_SDR_SUPPORT
    - [config] AWS: disable MEDIA_PCI_SUPPORT
    - [config] AWS disable CONFIG_SPEAKUP synth
    - [config] AWS: disable LED support
    - [config] AWS: disable comedi data acquisition support
    - [config] AWS: disable charger configs
    - [config] AWS: disable firewire
    - [config] AWS: disable gameport
    - [config] AWS: disable CONFIG_MOUSE
    - [config] AWS: disable CONFIG_ISDN
    - [config] AWS: disable various misc LCD drivers
    - [config] AWS disable CONFIG_MACINTOSH_DRIVERS
    - [config] AWS: disable CONFIG_PCMCIA
    - [config] AWS: disable misc backlight drivers
    - [config] disable CONFIG_MTD for AWS
    - [config] AWS: disable some battery drivers
    - [config] AWS: disable WLAN wireless
    - [config] AWS: disable WIMAX support
    - [config] AWS: disable Dallas 1 wire support
    - [config] AWS: disable Ultra Wideband devices
    - [config] AWS disable FPGA support
    - SAUCE: import Intel ixgbevf (2.14.2)
    - SAUCE: ixgbevf-2.14.2: replace deprecated smp_mb__before_clear_bit
    - SAUCE: ixgbevf-2.14.2: disable VLAN tagging
    - SAUCE: ixgbevf-2.14.2: Replace deprecated u64_stats _bh calls
    - SAUCE: ixgbevf-2.14.2: fix set_ethtool_ops
    - SAUCE: ixgbevf-2.14.2: Makefile and Kconfig
    - ixgbevf-2.14.2: add support for X550 VFs
    - ixgbevf-2.14.2: add RSS support for X550
    - [config] enable IXGBEVF_2_14_2=m instead of IXGBEVF

Date: 2016-12-08 22:02:16.592509+00:00
Changed-By: Kamal Mostafa <kamal at canonical.com>
Signed-By: Adam Conrad <adconrad at 0c3.net>
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