[ubuntu/xenial-updates] lxc 2.0.4-0ubuntu1~ubuntu16.04.2 (Accepted)

Stéphane Graber stgraber at stgraber.org
Mon Aug 29 18:30:25 UTC 2016

lxc (2.0.4-0ubuntu1~ubuntu16.04.2) xenial; urgency=medium

  * Cherry-pick from upstream (fixes checkpoint/restore regression):
    - 0003-c-r-use-proc-self-tid-children-instead-of-pidfile.patch
    - 0004-c-r-Fix-pid_t-on-some-arches.patch

lxc (2.0.4-0ubuntu1~ubuntu16.04.1) xenial; urgency=medium

  * New upstream bugfix release (2.0.4) (LP: #1615099):
    - core: Add a prefix to the lxc.pc
    - core: Add flag in mount_entry to skip NODEV in case of a
      persistent dev entry
    - core: Add missing cgroup namespace to ns_info struct
    - core: attach: setns instead of unshare in lxc-attach
    - core: bdev: Add subdirectories to search path
    - core: bdev: Be smarter about btrfs subvolume detection
    - core: cgfsng: Don't pre-calculate path
    - core: cgfsng: Fix is_lxcfs() and is_cgroupfs()
    - core: cgroups: Move cgroup files to common subfolder
    - core: conf: Set pty_info to NULL after free
    - core: Detect if we should send SIGRTMIN+3
    - core: Replace readdir_r() with readdir()
    - core: Set up MTU for vlan-type interfaces.
    - core: tools, tests: Reorganize repo
    - c/r: Add support for CRIU's --action-script
    - c/r: Add support for ghost-limit in CRIU
    - c/r: Drop in-flight connections during CRIU dump
    - c/r: Initialize migrate_opts properly
    - c/r: Make local function static
    - c/r: Replace tmpnam() with mkstemp()
    - c/r: Store criu version
    - c/r: Use PRIu64 format specifier
    - doc: Fix typo found by lintian
    - doc: Update Japanese lxc-attach(1)
    - doc: Update lxc-attach(1)
    - lxc-attach: Add -f option (rcfile)
    - lxc-attach: Cleanup whitespaces
    - lxc-create: Add missing newline in output
    - lxc-ls: Use correct runtime path
    - templates: alpine: Add support for new arch
    - templates: alpine: Mount tmpfs under /run
    - templates: debian: Add more quotes to variables (at least $rootfs
      should now be covered)
    - templates: debian: Avoid noisy perl warnings caused by missing locales
    - templates: debian: fix regression when creating wheezy containers
    - templates: debian: Make shellcheck (Ubuntu: 0.3.7-5 amd64) most
      possible happy
    - tests: Add unit tests for lxc_string_in_array()
    - tests: Add unit tests for lxc_string_replace()
  * Cherry-pick from upstream (for 4.6 kernel):
    - 0002-bdev-use-correct-overlay-module-name
  * Sync packaging with yakkety:
    - Tweak debian/tests/exercise to skip lxc-test-ubuntu on yakkety
    - Build-depend on libgnutls28-dev rather than libgnutls-dev

Date: 2016-08-26 20:33:11.412740+00:00
Changed-By: Stéphane Graber <stgraber at stgraber.org>
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