[ubuntu/xenial-updates] snapd 2.11+0.16.04 (Accepted)

Andy Whitcroft apw at canonical.com
Thu Aug 4 13:21:22 UTC 2016

snapd (2.11+0.16.04) xenial; urgency=medium

  * debian/snapd.postrm:
    - remove purge for now to unblock the SRU (LP: #1605303)
  * spread.yaml:
    - reset previous "purge" for now

snapd (2.11) xenial; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release: LP: #1605303
    - increase version number to reflect the nature of the update
    - store, daemon, client, cmd/snap, docs/rest.md: adieu search
    - debian: move snapd.refresh.timer into timers.target
    - snapstate: add daemon-reload to fix autopkgtest on yakkety
    - Interfaces: hardware-observe
    - snap: rework the output after a snap operation
    - daemon, cmd/snap: refresh --devmode
    - store, daemon, client, cmd/snap: implement `snap find --private`
    - tests: add network-observe interface spread test
    - interfaces/builtin: allow getsockopt for connected x11 plugs
    - osutil: check for nogrup instead of adm
    - store: small cleanups (more needed)
    - snap/squashfs: fix test not to hardcode snap size
    - client,cmd/snap: cleanup cmd/snap test suite, add extra args
      testThis cleans up the cmd/snap test suite:
    - wrappers: map "never" restart condition to "no."
    - wrappers: run update-desktop-database after add/remove of desktop
    - release: work around elementary mistake
    - many: remove all traces of channel from the buying codepath
    - store: kill setUbuntuStoreHeaders
    - docs: add payment methods documentation
    - many: present user with a choice of payment backends
    - asserts: add cross checks for snap asserts
    - cmd/snap,cmd/snap-exec: support running hooks via snap-exec.
    - tests: improve snap run symlink tests
    - tests: add content sharing interface spread test
    - store & many: a mechanical branch shortening store names
    - snappy: remove old snappy pkg
    - overlord/snapstate: kill flagscompat
    - overlord/snapstate, daemon, client, cmd/snap: devmode override
      (aka confined)
    - tests: extend refresh test to talk to the staging and production
    - asserts,daemon: cross checks for account and account-key
    - client: existing JSON fixtures uses tabs for indentation
    - snap-exec: add proper integration test for snap-exec
    - spread.yaml, tests: replace hello-world with test-snapd-tools
    - tests: add locale-control interface spread test
    - tests: add mount-observe interface spread test
    - tests: add system-observe interface spread test
    - many: add AuthContext to mediate user updates to the state
    - store/auth: add helper for the macaroon refresh endpoint
    - cmd: add buy command
    - overlord: switch snapstate.Update to use ListRefresh (aka
    - snap-exec: fix silly off-by-one error
    - tests: stop using hello-world.echo in the tests
    - tests: add env command to test-snapd-tools
    - classic: remove (most of) "classic" mode, this is implemented as a
      snap now
    - many: remove snapstate.Candidate and other cleanups
    - many: removed authenticator, store gets a user instead
    - asserts: fix minor doc comment typo
    - snap: ensure unknown arguments to `snap run` are ignored
    - overlord/auth: add Device/SetDevice to persist device identity in
    - overlord: make SyncBoot work again
    - tests: add -y flag to apt autoremove command in unity task restore
    - many: migrate SnapSetup and SideInfo to use RealName
    - daemon: drop auther()
    - client: improve error from client.do() on json decode failures
    - tests: readd the fake store tests
    - many: allow removal of broken snaps, add spread test
    - overlord: implement &Retry{After: duration} support for handlers
    - interface: add new interfaces.all.SecurityBackends
    - integration-tests: remove login tests
    - cmd,interfaces,snap: implement hook whitelist.
    - daemon,overlord/auth,store: update macaroon authentication to use
      the new endpoints
    - daemon, overlord: add buy endpoint to REST API
    - tests: use systemd-run for starting and stopping the unity app
    - tests, integration-tests: port systemd service check test to
    - store: switch search to new snap-specific endpoint
    - store, many: start using the new details endpoint
    - tests, integration-tests: port unity test to spread
    - tests: add spread test for tried snaps removal
    - tests, integration-tests: port auth errors test to spread
    - snapstate: rename OfficialName to RealName in the new tests
    - many: rename SideInfo.OfficialName to SideInfo.RealName
    - snapstate: use snapstate.Type in backend.RemoveSnapFiles
    - many: add `snap enable/disable` commands
    - tests, integration-tests: port refresh all test to spread
    - snap: add `snap run --shell`
    - tests: set yaml indentation to 4 spaces
    - snapstate: cleanup downloaded temp snap files
    - overlord: make patch1_test more robust
    - debian: add snapd.postrm that purges
    - integration-tests: drop already covered refresh app test
    - many: add concept of "broken" snaps
    - tests, integration-tests: port remove errors tests to spread
    - tests, integration-tests: port revert test to spread
    - debian: fix snapbuild path
    - overlord: fix access to the state without lock in firstboot.go and
      add test
    - snapstate: add very simple garbage collection on upgrade
    - asserts: introduce assertstest with helpers to test code involving
    - tests, integration tests: port undone failed install test to
    - snap,store: switch to the new snaps/metadata endpoint, introduce
      and start capturing DeveloperID
    - tests, integration-tests: port the op remove retry test to spread
    - po: remove snappy.pot from git, it will be generated at build time
    - many: add some missing tests, clarify some things and nitpicks as
      follow up to `snap revert`
    - snapstate: when doing snapsate.Update|Install, talk to the store
    - tests, integration-tests: port the op remove test to spread
    - interfaces: allow /usr/bin/locale in default policy
    - many: add `snap revert`
    - overlord/auth,store: add macaroon serialization/deserialization
    - many: embed main store trusted assertions in snapd, way to have
      test ones, spread tests for ack and known
    - overlord/snapstate,daemon: clarify active vs current, add
    - tests: do not search for a specific snap (we hit 100 items) and
      pagination kicks in
    - tests: use printf instead of echo where we need portability
    - tests: rename and generalize basic-binaries to test-snapd-tools

Date: 2016-08-01 13:48:10.738198+00:00
Changed-By: Michael Vogt <michael.vogt at canonical.com>
Signed-By: Andy Whitcroft <apw at canonical.com>
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