[ubuntu/vivid-proposed] ubuntu-ui-toolkit 1.1.1311+15.04.20141102-0ubuntu1 (Accepted)

Ken VanDine ken.vandine at canonical.com
Thu Nov 6 14:35:27 UTC 2014

ubuntu-ui-toolkit (1.1.1311+15.04.20141102-0ubuntu1) vivid; urgency=medium

  [ Zoltán Balogh ]
  [ Christian Dywan <christian.dywan at canonical.com>
  * Explicitly use Orange in Slider and ProgressBar. 
    Fixes: LP: #1372585.
  * Copy components correctly in push_to_phone.sh and make copy.sh 
    more robust.
  * Make push_to_phone.sh use a temporary folder and sudo.

  [ Zsombor Egri <zsombor.egri at canonical.com>
  * ThinDivider margins rolled back to edge-to-edge. Divider colors
    adjusted with design. Fixes: LP: #1380766.

  [ Tim Peeters <tim.peeters at canonical.com>
  * Add updated header divider to use rectangles instead of images,
    and to auto-detect its color. Fixes: LP: #1372590.
  * Add internal property to hide the header separator. 
    Needed in Unity8.

  [ Leonardo Arias Fonseca <leo.arias at canonical.com>
  * Fixed the infinite loop when running flickable tests. 
    Fixes: LP: #1384703.
  * Added an autopilot helper for expandable list items. 
    Fixes: LP: #1340227.
  * The autopilot helpers to swipe to show more now get the flickable
    containers by default. Fixes: LP: #1365674.
  * Replaced the tabs for spaces in UbuntuTestCase. 
   Fixes: LP: #1324469.

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