Upstart 1.13 released

James Hunt james.hunt at
Fri Jul 11 22:13:24 UTC 2014

Summary of changes:

* Fix for handling upgrade from non-stateful-re-exec instance to a
  stateful-re-exec-capable one (LP:#1303891).
* Disable chroot sessions by default. A new '--chroot-sessions' command-line
  option restores the old default behaviour.
* New tests and improved documentation.
* Fix for Session Init umask change on re-exec (LP: #1302117).
* Allow '--confdir' to look for system jobs in multiple locations, which also
  adds new command-line options '--append-confdir' and '--prepend-confdir' for
  full flexibility (LP: #1315060).
* Allow initctl(8) commands 'set-env' and 'unset-env' to operate on multiple
  environment variables (LP: #1324096).
* Support for cgroups via a new 'cgroup' stanza. This makes use of cgmanager(8)
  and is available to both System and Session Inits.  Support for cgroups can be
  disabled at built-time if required. See init(5) for 'cgroup' stanza syntax?

Kind regards,

James Hunt
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