[PATCH 0/8]: Patch summary.

James Hunt james.hunt at ubuntu.com
Fri Mar 16 21:36:53 UTC 2012

I plan to make a new release of Upstart (1.5) on Monday 19 March.

The following 8 mails contain patches destined for this release, so feedback is most welcome.

Summary of patches:

Patch 1/8 (r1361) - Doc.
Patch 2/8 (r1362) - Disable logging if pty setup fails.
Patch 3/8 (r1363) - Utilize array of log objects to handle concurrent job processes.
Patch 4/8 (r1364) - Ensure test environment has only expected fds open.
Patch 5/8 (r1365) - Typos.
Patch 6/8 (r1366) - Typos, simplification of 1362, new tests.
Patch 7/8 (r1367) - 'Early job' logging (new initctl command "notify-disk-writeable").
Patch 8/8 (r1368) - Handle jobs which end before disk writeable.

Kind regards,

James Hunt

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