testcase 'with multi-line script that is killed' failed

Thomas Bechtold thomasbechtold at jpberlin.de
Sat Jan 7 00:07:06 UTC 2012


i tried to run the test cases from the ubuntu precise upstart source
(got with apt-get source upstart) but one test failed.

./configure --exec-prefix=
make check
...with single-line command that is killed
...with multi-line script that is killed
BAD: wrong content in file 0x83930d0 (output), expected 'hello world
' got 'hello world'
	at tests/test_job_process.c:1402 (test_run).
/bin/bash: line 5: 32724 Aborted                 (core dumped)
FAIL: test_job_process
Testing job_new()
1 of 14 tests failed
Please report to upstart-devel at lists.ubuntu.com



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